Tuesday, October 02, 2007

PLoS One Commentary Expansion and Metagenomics of Warm Waters


People interested in metagenomics and/or marine microbiology should check out a recent paper in PLoS One on Metagenomics of the Deep Mediterranean, a Warm Bathypelagic Habitat.

In this paper, the authors use metagenomic sequencing to study microbes from 3000m depth int he Mediterranean. The most interesting thing about this paper is that the water at this depth is much warmer than water from similar depths that have been previously studied by metagenomics. The authors do some comparative metagenomic analysis and conclude that temperature of the water is more important than depth in determining the suite of organisms and genes that are present in the water. This is a preliminary result but does being to show the potential power of comparative metagenomic analyses.

The other thing people might want to check out is the Commentary on this article. I have been trying to get people in my lab to layer their comments and annotations onto this article as a test of the new PLoS One system. So far a few people in the lab have added comments as have I and more are coming. Others should add comments too. This commenting system is one of the nice new features of PLoS One in my mind, although it is still in beta testing. One thing I am still trying to work out is the trackback system ...

Martín-Cuadrado, A., López-García, P., Alba, J., Moreira, D., Monticelli, L., Strittmatter, A., Gottschalk, G., & Rodríguez-Valera, F. (2007). Metagenomics of the Deep Mediterranean, a Warm Bathypelagic Habitat PLoS ONE, 2 (9) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0000914

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