Monday, January 29, 2007

Science World Coming ...

The US Department of Energy and the British Library announced an agreement to develop a new international science portal aimed at sharing scientific information. It sounds like a great thing. Now if only DOE would require Open Access publishing of scientific research that they fund ... that would really show DOE's committment to Open Science. I recommend sending Dr Raymond Orbach, who is leading this initiative, an email message, the address for which you can find at this link at the top of the page.


  1. From your association with PLoS, are you familiar with any statistics that would (I presume) support the increase in interest and subsequent submissions to open access journals? I am looking to try to put a call out to see what type of interest might be available in the climate community for the development of an open access style journal that focuses on climate/atmosphere.

  2. Well, there is clearly an increase in support for Open Access journals. But I do not know any numbers. The best place to look is probably Peter Suber's Open Access news page


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