Thursday, January 04, 2007

Open Access Education?

Thanks to Jacques Ravel for pointing this out. U. C. Berkeley has begun posting many of its science classes as Podcasts which are avilable for download at a special Apple Itunes Site. Also posted are some lectures such as one by George Smoot who just won one of those Nobel Prize thingies. It seems Stanford is doing a similar thing although it does not seem as extensive.

Note sure what other Universities are doing this (I know some classes are podcasting but not clear how many Universities are doing it as extensively as Berkeley).

If anyone else knows of other such efforts please let me know (also see this list of free academic podcasts).


  1. My organic chemistry lectures are podcast and vodcast from iTunes:
    CHEM 241
    CHEM 243

  2. Ha! I just popped in here to tell you about Jean-Claude's online teaching. (If you haven't yet, do check out his Open Notebook research as well: notebook, background.)

    Open Access/Open Science is still a small world, I guess.

  3. MIT's Open CourseWare includes a substantial number of courses.


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