Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blog apologies --- evolution happens

Well, sorry for the limited number of postings here recently. I am working on increasing my own fitness --- we have a baby due next week and my blog has fallen a little behind. I will get back into blogging more in about 3 weeks. If I see anything interesting before then I will post but there may still be a short lull. Now back to getting 1,000,000 things done in one week.


  1. Another one? Geez, you'd think working with a bunch of folks from the PRC would indoctrinate you to the one child per household policy. But seriously, congratulations -- I hadn't even heard that Analia was pregnant.

  2. Well, if Analia the 23 month old is pregnant, that is news to me. But Maria-Ines is.

  3. Please make an announcement when the next micro-Eisen arrives. Better still, set up a blogger account for the little sprog and let him/her tell their own story!



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