Monday, August 14, 2006

My 18 month old daughter is in love with google

So I just got back from a 2 day trip to Googleplex for scifoo camp (more on that in other posts). And my wife told me that she mentioned to our 18 month old daughter Analia that I was at Google, as if that would mean anything to her.

And now she cannot stop saying the word. She says it and giggles. If she hears me say it, she starts repeating it over and over again and thinks it is the funniest thing in the world. Here is a video of her saying it.

She loves goofy words, and asks me to repeat them whenever I say them (e.g., I said the word booty the other day and now she says that a lot too - I guess I have to be more careful around her now).

But for some reason google is the best word in her book. Maybe this is part of their secret to success. They have discovered a word that is secretly addictive. I mean, we know that different words can stimulate different parts of the brain. And these guys were at Stanford after all, where there is some pretty good language and neurobiology research. Maybe the key to this whole thing is the word.

Imagine if they had named the system "searchies." That would give me the heebiejeebies every time I used it. Or how about "smeagol." Not too appealing either. I may have to enter my daughter in a reeducation camp of some type. Fortunately, I live in Davis, CA, aka the People's Republic of Davis, so I am sure there are reeducation camps here.

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