Tuesday, March 10, 2020

My posts about #UCDavis and #Covid19

Going to use this page to keep track of some of what I have been posting about what is going on at UC Davis in regard to the coronavirus.  Will add more later ... but just going to use this to keep track.

February 26

Things blew up at @ucdavis with reports that the 1st community acquired case of COVID19 was at our hospital. I received an email about this that I eventually posted to Twitter (I waited to post until I saw others reporting this)
Tons of stories came out over the next few weeks about this and I will add some links to them. But eventually, attention went elsewhere as the 1st large clusters of cases that were detected in the US ended up being in other locations.

March 7.

Actions from UC Davis announced regarding COVID19 was, well, better than nothing but pretty limited.

March 10. 

UC Davis expanded actions.

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