Saturday, August 17, 2019

The benefits of having a #traildesk #iNaturalist #Birds #BirdPhotography #Yolo

Yesterday I had seven meetings or interviews for work which were by phone and one which had to be in person.

So I decided to do the phone calls at what I call my "trail desk." That is, I do the call while out walking around and/or birding and/or at least doing something outdoors.  Sometimes I have to sit down and look at my phone to see someone's slides or google doc but most of the time I can do things just as well when walking.  And taking pictures every once in a while.

Basically I drove to a few different spots around the #DavisCA area that I like including the Davis Wetlands and Yolo Bypass and did calls from there. Here are some of the better pics I took during these calls.  I also posted a bunch of these and others to iNaturalist.  See here: (where you can find IDs for things and locations).

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