Monday, July 29, 2019

Eisen Lab Outing to See the #Bats of #YoloBypass July 25, 2019

So on July 24, 2019 I went to see the bats of Yolo Bypass and wrote about it here:

Bats at Yolo Bypass and a very very very fast visitor .. #NikonD500, #Bats #YoloBypass #PeregrineFalcon

And then on July 25, I went again with some members of my lab.  It was spectacular, even though we did not see any peregrine falcons this time.

I went a few minutes early and drove a loop in the park and then parked on the levee near the gate and went for a little walk there.  On the walk I got a few nice pics of a great egret.

Then I set up two trips over by where the bats come out.  One with an old camera and a wide angle lens.  And on that one I recorded video of the bats.

And then on the other one I took pics with my Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500 mm lens.  See pics below.  I also made a gif from the pics.



Oh and people in my lab posted some pics too

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