Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Next-Gen Immunology: Yet Another Mostly Male Meeting #YAMMM (hosted by @WeizmannScience sponsored by EMBO)

Just got pointed to this meeting:

NEXT GEN IMMUNOLOGY meeting Feb 14-16 hosted by the Weizmann Institute of Science

Here are the speakers.  People I identified as male in Yellow and female in Green
  1. Shizuo Akira, IFREC
  2. Jakub Abramson, WIS
  3. David Artis, Cornell
  4. David Baltimore, Cal Tech
  5. Yasmine Belkaid, NIH
  6. Yinon Ben-Neriah, HUJI
  7. Bruce Beutler, U Texas Southwestern
  8. Michael Fischbach, UCSF
  9. Richard Flavell, Yale
  10. Lora Hooper, U Texas Southwestern
  11. Steffen Jung, WIS
  12. Dennis Kasper, Harvard
  13. Rob Knight, UCSD
  14. Vijay K. Kuchroo, Harvard
  15. Dan Littman, NYU
  16. Andrew Macpherson, Bern
  17. Sarkis Mazmanian, Cal Tech
  18. Yifat Merbl, WIS
  19. Karen Nelson, JCVI
  20. Luke O’Neill, Trinity College
  21. Stuart Orkin, Harvard
  22. Hidde Ploegh, MIT
  23. Fiona Powrie, Oxford
  24. Klaus Rajewsky, MDC
  25. Hans-Reimer Rodewald, DKFZ
  26. Timm Schroeder, ETH/Basel
  27. Ton Schumacher, NKI
  28. Eran Segal, WIS
  29. Julie Segre, NIH
  30. Michal Schwartz, WIS
  31. Rotem Sorek, WIS
  32. Henk stunnenberg, Radboud
  33. Amos Tanay, WIS
  34. Andreas Trumpp, DKFZ
  35. Irving Weissman, Stanford
  36. Ramnik Xavier, Broad
  37. Feng Zhang, MIT

37 Speakers, 6 7 Female
M:F% 84:16, 81: 19
16% 19% Female

6 and 31 were counted at #NextGenImm. Learn more at GenderAvenger Tally


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