Monday, August 25, 2014

The Agricultural Bioscience International Conference #ABIC2014 run by @ABICFoundation: where you can hear lots of talks by men #YAMMM

Well, here is this week's YAMMM (yet another mostly male meeting) alert: The Agricultural Bioscience International Conference in Saskatchewan.

Male Speakers: 40
Female speakers 4

  1. Marc Albertsen
  2. Robert Carberry
  3. David Fischhoff
  4. Maurice Moloney
  5. Frédéric Seppey
  6. Juliana Alexandre
  7. Tom Carrato
  8. Michael Frodyma
  9. Carlo Montemagno
  10. Tim Sharbel
  11. Simon Barber
  12. David Chalack
  13. Richard Gray
  14. Giuseppe Natale
  15. Roman Szumski
  16. Roger Beachy
  17. Raju Datla
  18. Wayne Hunter
  19. Matthew O'Mara
  20. Albert Vandenberg
  21. Suzanne Bertrand
  22. Swapan Datta
  23. David Irvin
  24. Peter Phillips
  25. Victor Villalobos
  26. Julie Borlaug
  27. Maurice Delage
  28. Lawrence Kent
  29. Ingo Potrykus
  30. Simon Warner
  31. Jim Brandle
  32. David Dent
  33. Ganesh Kishore
  34. Andrew Potter
  35. Howard Wheater
  36. John Buchanan
  37. Claude Fauquet
  38. Robert Lamb
  39. Thomas Redick
  40. Hong-Wei Xue
  41. Derek Byerlee
  42. Nina Fedoroff
  43. Greg Meredith
  44. Andrew Reed

Who gets the credit/blame for this wonderful arrangment? 
  1. Chair, Wilf Keller, Ag-WestBio Inc.
  2. Jerome Konecsni, Innovation Saskatchewan
  3. Muriel Adams, ABIC Foundation
  4. Art Froehlich, Ad Farm
  5. Pierre Fobert, National Research Council
  6. Graham Scoles, University of Saskatchewan
  7. Peter Phillips, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
  8. Paul McCaughey, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  9. Dr.Abdul Jalil, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (originally colored green)
  10. Janice Tranberg, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

This goes with another YAMMM from Canada recently: Today's YAMMM (Yet Another Mostly Male Meeting) Brought to You by CIFAR & NAS.  I have not done any analysis of meetings organized by country but I am thinking it might be worth looking into.  I would really suggest if anyone is considering going to this meeting for you to skip it.  There should be consequences for such a skewed ratio.  And while you are at it consider writing to the organizers and sponsors.  I will ...

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