Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sign up: SMBE Satellite Mtg. on Eukaryotic-Omics 4/29-5/2 at #UCDavis

Going to be good:

Eukaryotes | SMBE Satellite Meeting on Eukaryotic -Omics - April 29 to May 2, UC Davis Conference Center

No bias here - given that it is organized by Holly Bik in my lab and it is at UC Davis. The lineup of speakers is great and the topic is timely.  So sign up  ...


Rachel AdamsUC BerkeleyGroundtruthing next-gen sequencing for microbial ecology: is beta diversity robust to errors in pyrosequencing?
Nicholas A. BokulichUC DavisRegional Patterns in Grape Fungal Consortia Define Wine Fermentation Communities
Sara BrancoUC BerkeleyFungi at a small-scale: spatial zonation of fungal assemblages around single trees
C. Titus BrownMichigan State UniversitySequencing and assembly of diverse eukaryotes: like metagenomics, but much harder
Peter CountwayBigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesTitle TBA
Simon CreerBangor University, WalesTitle TBA
Tom DelmontMarine Biological Laboratory, Woods HolePhaeocystis antarctica spatiotemporal diversity, activity and its relation to prokaryotes and viruses using physiological and ‘omic approaches
Jonathan EisenUC DavisThe need for a phylogeny driven genomic encyclopedia of eukaryotes
Laura EmeDalhousie UniversityLarge scale phylogenomic analyses of Blastocystis subtype 1 reveals a major role for lateral gene transfer in adaptation to parasitism of the human gut
Jack GilbertArgonne National LabAddressing microbial eukaryotic biogeography in home, hospitals and the world
Jean-David GrattepancheSmith CollegeTitle TBA
Victor Hanson-SmithUC San FranciscoIdentifying Loci of Functional Evolution in Ancestral Genes
Ian KingUniversity of GuelphBiomonitoring 2.0: A high-throughput genomics approach for comprehensive biological assessment of environmental change
Andrew KrohnNorthern Arizona UniversityRhizosphere microbial community dynamics of drought-stressed pinyon pines (Poster)
Franck LejzerowiczUniversity of GenevaExploring the deep-sea foraminiferal diversity by multiplexed RNA and DNA-based ultra-deep sequencing and ultra-fast bioinformatic analyses
Matthew MorganCSIRO AustraliaNext-generation sequencing reveals the impacts of inundation and drought on eukaryote biodiversity in semi-arid floodplain soils
Laura Wegener ParfreyUniversity of Colorado, BoulderIncorporating microbial eukaryotes into analyses of the human microbiome
Katherine PollardUC San FranciscoTitle TBA
Dorota PorazinskaUniversity of FloridaDiscrimination of microscopic pests of agricultural importance with NGS
Thomas RichardsNHM LondonTitle TBA
Surya SahaCornell UniversityComposition of the Maize Endophytic Microbiome is Correlated with Maize Genotype (Poster)
Søren SørensenUniversity of CopenhagenTitle TBA
Fabian StaubachStanford UniversityHost species and environmental effects on bacterial communities associated with Drosophila in the laboratory and in the natural environment
Sarah StephensonCSIRO AustraliaMetagenetic examinations of benthic eukaryl estuarine communities
Joshua SternGeorgia Institute of TechnologySearching for the Phylogenetic Place of Eukaryotes, Using Data from STORI
W. Kelley ThomasUniversity of New HampshireTitle TBA
Xianfa XieVirginia State UniversityComparative genomic study of the origin and evolution of eukaryotes

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