Friday, March 15, 2013

YAGGP? - Yet another gratuitous genomics plot?

After my talk at Future of Genomic Medicine 2013 meeting last week a few people asked if I would post these slides on my blog. So here they are:

As part of my talk last week I started off showing this slide:

Such figures are part of many genomics talks 

But this was not about sequencing growth / improvements.  Instead it was about hits for the word "microbiome" in Pubmed.

Of course, there are more papers today than ever so it is important to do some sort of control search.  

So I chose to search for "Elvis" in an homage to an old story on protein sequences:

The results clearly prove that studies of the microbiome are on the rise ...


  1. This definitely livened things up at the conference, Jonathan!

  2. I was just curious about the small bump on Elvis, around 2011 and found a couple of interesting papers (or at least very good titles):

    The potato chip really does look like Elvis! Neural hallmarks of conceptual processing associated with finding novel shapes subjectively meaningful.

    The next step is a paper with the word microbiome and Elvis on the title!


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