Thursday, June 14, 2012

The human #microbiome project (HMP): new papers and news stories

Just collecting here the new papers from the Human Microbiome Project and some news stories discussing them.

Main papers in Nature
PLoS Collection (all free)
Other paper out in Nature on the topic though not from the HMP
Some news stories:
Some previous posts of mine in this general area
Some other good recent posts or articles worth looking at on the topic
Related links
And of course - a gratuitous embed of my recent TEDMED talk


  1. Thanks for organizing this. I can now close about 20 tabs in my browser :)

  2. I have recently started learning about probiotics, and microbial life in the gut because of a drastic change in the way my body processes food. You have opened my mind to so much more, it's so cool and overwhelming!
    Thanks for sharing your story and work.


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