Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best. Microbiology. Video. Ever.

Well, I could say so so much about this.  But it speaks for itself.  Funny.  Gross.  Cute.  And more.  Just watched it - like - seven times in a row.  Best. Microbiology. Video. Ever.

From Jennifer Gardy.


  1. Don't skip the credits at the end.

  2. Un-firkin'-believable! My kids liked it too. Especially the noro bit.

  3. like - seven times in a row. Best. Microbiology. Video. Ever. buying youtube views legit

  4. How about talking what would create opportunities for opportunistic pathogens? How about talking about the essential function of microbes that keep us alive. How about talking about how antibiotics are created by microbes? How about talking about how your blood won't clot without vitamin K which are produced by E-coli in your gut. How about talking about lactobacillus which produce enzymes which induce apoptosis in cancer cells? Or endo mycorrhizae which allow plants and forests to flourish. You focussed only on the situations which arise only if proper beneficial organisms are not present. This is the Fox news of Microbiology videos, presenting only the negative aspects and pretending to be fair and balanced. It is quite clever buy leads the ignorant in the wrong direction in relation to an essential aspect of life.


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