Friday, February 05, 2010

Received my first soliciation regarding "Broader Impact" reqs for grants

Got an interesting email the other day:
What do the following research programs have in common?

1. Lost Ladybug Cornell (Cornell University, NY)
2. Museum of the Earth (Ithaca, NY)
3. Crossing Boundaries (Hobart and William Smith Colleges, NY)
4. High School Polar Outreach Project (Charleston, SC)
5. Go Inquire Project (George Mason University, VA)
6. Project Wetkids (University of Southern Mississippi)

Answer: They decided to hire Next Interactives to develop a highly engaging research website to help fulfill their Broader Impact and Outreach requirements.

Sound interesting? Simply reply to this email for a free website consultation.


Outreach Project Manager
Next Interactives LLC
Our portfolio:
This seems to be focused specifically on the "Broader Impact" requirement in National Science Foundation grants.  I have never received a solicitation like this before.  Anyone else out there get anything like this?  What do people think?  I think it is possibly a good thing that some companies are thinking there is a niche for them in Broader Impact and outreach assistance.


  1. You should consider making some extra cash on the side by blogging for other's broader impacts...

  2. You too - we could create the "Broader Impact Blog Network"

  3. Or we could just outsource the whole thing and pay someone else to write our grants for us.

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  5. I've received the third email now from I guess that means I need outreach 3x as much as you (which is probably an understatement ;-)
    For me this proves that "wherever there's a niche to make a living, life will find it" :)

  6. AJC - people actually do that - which always has weirded me out

  7. @Jonathan Yes I know. I've always found this disturbing practice to be more common in the medical community.

  8. Hi everyone. Thanks for your patience with our marketing campaign.


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