Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Michael Ashburner or Francis Ford Coppola in the New York Times?

Imagine my surprise when I opened the New York Times a few days ago and saw a giant picture of Michael Ashburner the Drosophila genomics guru, open science advocate, and Won for All author. Now, Ashburner is one of my favorite people in all of science (see my posting from a while ago recruiting him top start a blog to which he even responded). I mean, sure, people I know are in the Times everyonce in a while but this was astonishing. Here he was in some sort of fashions of the Times type of section, shirt unbuttoned, lounging in some field.

Alas, closer examination and some google searching found the truth. This is alas not Ashburner, but actually Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia. But I mean - look at the pics of Ashburner below. It really could have been him. Oh well, maybe next time ...

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