Monday, March 02, 2009

Finally, PDFs of my papers from my home page starting to show up in Google Scholar.

Well, it has finally happened.  And not sure how.  But PDFs of all my papers, which I have posted on my MAC.COM (or now known as ME.COM) homepage are finally showing  up on Google Scholar.  If you go to Google Scholar and type Eisen JA into the window and then look for PDFs for each of the papers some of the files on my .MAC site show up.

When I originally discovered a few months ago that none of my PDFs from this site where showing up on Google Scholar I dug around and discovered in Google's Faqs that it helps to have links to the PDFs of papers.  This seemed strange since I had links from my blog and that is run by Google now so it was weird that those did not help.  But I added some more links here and there and presto, now the links to the PDFs are showing up inside Google Scholar results.

Mind you, not all of the PDFs have shown up yet and I have no clue why some did and some did not, but this is part of my continuing effort to free up my past publications.  Good start.  Not done yet, but getting there.


  1. I've noticed the same thing -- Google Scholar knows of some of my papers on my web site, but not all. And I don't think it's a time issue -- maybe Google Scholar is being very careful about not merging different papers into one and even additional commas or periods are preventing Google from recognizing that a given paper on a home page is the same as one on a journal site.

  2. I was thinking maybe they had some deals with some journals to not post ...

  3. I hadn't even thought of that -- it's possible, I suppose -- although Google began as an idealist-run startup with a motto of "Don't Be Evil", in recent years their deals with totalitarian governments to impose censorship on searches run in those nations makes me wonder if the first word has been deleted...


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