Friday, February 13, 2009

Here comes the tour (of California) --- Davis is going big ---

Very excited that the Tour of California is starting in Davis this year (for Stage 1 on Sunday). It should be a good stage --- from Davis to Santa Rosa.

And there are many many big names in the tour this year - even more than last year. In particular of course is Lance Armstrong. I have been a big fan of Lance for many many years -- since I encountered him in Palo Alto when I was a grad. student. He had just won the World Championship and was in town to sing autographs and hang out at Wheelsmith, the best bike shop in the area. I was just getting into cycling and was going to Wheelsmith for some other reason and there was Lance. I got him to sign a few things and then thought, what would be coolest would be if he signed my favorite T-shirt (which I am wearing in the picture here). And he made my day by saying "Cool shirt" and asking where I got it.

Anyway --- it is going to be a big big day in Davis tomorrow with Lance Armstrong, and a whole gaggle of big time cyclists here in the best biking town in the country.

And here are some links related to the race ...

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  1. Big Fan of Lance's Twitter here!

    The AMGEN kickoff was great fun, even if a little rainy.


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