Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boston University adopts Open Access policy

Just saw a nice story about BU adopting an Open Access policy.

See the BU Today article

Some detail with some nice quotes in support of OA:

Boston University took a giant step towards greater access to academic scholarship and research on February 11, when the University Council voted to support an open access system that would make scholarly work of the faculty and staff available online to anyone, for free, as long as the authors are credited and the scholarship is not used for profit.
“Open access will really highlight the tremendous productivity of our faculty,” says Millen. “Among the more important things needed to make it work is a collaboration between the libraries and our faculty to get their research onto the Web. It’s not an inconsequential task.”

“This vote sends a very strong message of support for open and free exchange of scholarly work,” says Hudson. “Open access means that the results of research and scholarship can be made open and freely accessible to anyone. It really has increased the potential to showcase the research and scholarship of the University in ways that have
not been evident to people.”

Hat tip to Tom Tullius ...

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  1. Thanks for updating us on this in addition to the article in GT, my congrats to them!


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