Saturday, November 08, 2008

DNA Dynasty "Company" - Stealing and Lying

Well, just adding my two cents to the pissed off blogosphere regarding a company in Singapore called DNA Dynasty.  Not only are they purveying complete crap in terms of genetics/genomics (e.g., they say they have a genetic test to determine the innate abilities of your children) but they have apparently stolen the logo of the DNA Network of which I am a member.  Lovely.  I figure, if we make enough blogging noise, then when people search for them with google they will at least also see some of our postings.  So here is mine.  See also


  1. Well done! Your post turned up #1 on my search for DNA Dynasty and the company's website is only #2. (I'm in Singapore.... Maybe I should hunt the two proprietors down?)

  2. the power of google rankings ....

  3. the local papers covered the firm.. but instead of bad press they even post it on their blog as if its good publicity for them!
    ridiculous bunch of ppl!

    I wonder if DNA dynasty really sends DNA to that Shanghai Biochip Company for testing i.e. they are lying/bragging about the genetic association or worse they don't even bother sending the samples out cos they have still an ounce of scientific knowledge to know that its pointless..

  4. all the comments seem important to the credibility of DNA Dynasty. I am in Singapore and Hsien, please , please , don't use force. let the authority be alerted and check it out. itf this not true, then authority should step in, before everyone on the street think they need to do the test as per advertisement.


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