Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcoming Pamela Ronald to the Blogosphere

Just a quick post here .... I recommend everyone check out the newbie Blogger on the Block, Pamela Ronald. In addition to having an office, at least temporarily, near mine, she is an author of a new book called Tomorrow's Table discussing multiple marriages of organic agriculture and genetic engineering, an international known plant biologist (see her lab web site)., and a great person to bounce all sorts of ideas off of. As I have been going around the world (in reality and virtually) recruiting active scientists to do more blogging I am very happy to see her start a blog. So I encourage everyone who reads my blog to check out her blog.


  1. Thanks for letting your readers know about the new blog! I can't wait to read Tomorrow's Table. In fact, I wrote about it a few weeks ago at my blog, Genetic Maize.

    I recently found your blog via the Nature article about your prank. As a young scientist, I love the idea that I don't have to be 100% serious once I attain "Dr".

  2. I almost linked to your blog about her book in my posting. As for the serious thing, I just can't seem to clean up my act - some day I will grow up I suppose, but until then ...

  3. Thanks for the kind welcome Jonathan. I like blogging better than sleeping.

    signed, your newest recruit


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