Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flock of Dodos - Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Well, Randy Olson has done it again. Flock of Dodos is his new film. It is about the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Debate and from what I can gather it skewers both sides of this issue quite a bit.

Randy was the head of Prairie Starfish Productions, which made some of the dorkier and funnier science moves I have ever seen including one about Loster Fisherman in New England. I first met Randy while on a Deep Sea cruise in the Gulf of Mexico where he was filming my then advisor Colleen Cavanaugh for a film about women scientists. He and I played some mischief on her associated with her first deep sea Alvin dive where we made a video of her stuffed panda being tortured.

But that is beside the point, Randy is really good about seeing through some of the facade of seriousness in science to get to the absurdities and dorkiness of some aspects of science.

So I suggest people try and check out his new film which is being screened around the country on Darwin's birthday next week.


  1. It's been out nearly a year -- it's just that it's getting a wider release due to D-day. Before it was mostly shown at universities rather than movie theaters.

    It's not so much that he "skewers both sides" but that he shows how many good scientists are terrible public speakers while many creationists are pretty slick talkers. It's more of a wakeup call to scientists to improve their communication with the public.

  2. Cool! Now, what is the edonkey or bittorrent link for downloading this stuff?

  3. do you mean Flock of Dodos? Or my lame videos? I have not seen anything on Flock of Dodos on Bittorrent.

  4. Flock of Dodos!
    For I am a foreigner and at least till now it is just too difficult to buy no-hollywoodian movies from where I live. Even when I can do it, there's a lot of taxes and it takes forever to arrive.

  5. Maybe youshould write to Randy Olson and see what he can do about it