Thursday, September 28, 2023

Notes on My Meningioma and Gamma Knife Treatment

So - on 9/27 I had Gamma Knife treatment at UC Davis for a posterior fossa meningioma that was first found by MRI about 6 years ago.  I am going to be collecting my various posts here on the saga. I am also going to post separate posts here about the saga but just wanted to collect some of the other posts for now.

Day 20. October 17.

Really brief updates. 

Had some horrible headaches last week but as of a few days ago these have lessened. No significant fatigue or brain fog so that is good.

Also - I decided to test my ability to fly on Friday and flew into a concrete pillar at a gas station and smashed my shoulder quite badly.  Fortunately it was not broken but it still hurts like hell a few days later and have not slept very well since then.  The good news is, this got me to forget about the Gamma Knife treatment ... 

Day 13. October 10. 

This was definitely a bad day. Went in to work in the AM thinking I might be able to work for their day.

First went for a really brief walk at the UC Davis Riparian Preserve. That was nice. 

Then went to my office in the Genome Center. Saw some colleagues which was nice and chatted for a bit.  Then hit by unbearable headache where my head felt like someone took 1000 big rubber bands and wrapped them tightly around my head. 

 So I went home.  Took ibuprofen which did not help.  Napped a bit.  But nothing helped. Took a bath.  Did not help. And that is how the rest of the day went.  

Day 12 - October 9

Not much to report. Felt OK muych of the day but still tired. No bvrain fog really but headaches so ... meh.


Day 10 - October 7 - not much to report. Not great but not terrible ...

Day 9 - October 5 

Day 8 - October 4

Day 7 - October 3, 2023. 

Day 6 - October 2, 2023.

Day 5 - October 1, 2023.

Day 4 - September 30, 2023



Day 3 - September 29, 2023 


Day 2 - September 28, 2023 


Day 1 - September 27, 2023.

Posted to many social media channels about my treatment with updates and other details and also got lots and lots and lots of support.

Here are some of the posts.




Sept 22. Nature Therapy


Sept. 20 Bath therapy

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