Monday, December 16, 2019

Trail desk at the Davis Wetlands

So I am just finally coming out of a rough patch of about three weeks with an infection or series of infections. Still have a bad cough and my brain is in a fuzz.  But I felt physically a bit better today.  As I did not want to risk spreading my cooties to people at work, I stayed away from the office and ended up scheduling four phone calls / video chats today.  Two of them were this AM and so, since I did not feel horribly bad, I decided to do the AM calls while at one of my trail desks.

My "trail desk" is the term I use to refer to doing calls while outdoors.  Today I went to the Davis Wetlands since they are only open on Mondays in the Winter.  And I did two phone calls while walking around there and taking pictures.

As usual I posted entries to iNaturalist:

Best part of the outing.  Lots of Sandhill Cranes migratory overhead.   So if you were on one of these calls and could hear the background when I was not on mute,  you may have been hearing the Sandhill cranes.  Or the geese.  Or me coughing (yes I am not totally better).

And I posted some of the better pics to Smugmug.

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