Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Four days of microbial phylogeny at #UCDavis #Asgard #Phylogenomics #MAGs

So - I did a guest appearance in a UC Davis Microbiology class run by a colleague / friend of mine - Renee Tsolis and I thought I would just post the details here.

Class: MIB200A - Biology of Prokaryotes

Four days of microbial phylogeny oriented around discussions of papers.  So to do this I picked four topics, really organized around papers.  See below for details.  I have posted the slides though I note they are pretty boring since most of them are just figures / text from the papers.

Class 1: rRNA and the Tree of Life


Class 2. Phylogeny


Class 3: A New View of the Tree of Life


Class 4: Asgaard Archaea



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