Saturday, March 23, 2019

Blog post w/ Twitter thread about Twitter threads & blog posts & how to turn a Twitter thread into a blog post

So I am writing a blog post here where I have captured a Twitter thread about blog posts and Twitter threads. I saw a Tweet from Pat Schloss and responded to it:
But that was not the only Tweet I made about this. I made a whole frigging thread. You can see the thread in most Twitter clients by clicking on the Tweet. But I figured I would also capture the thread here in this blog post. Tweet #2 in the thread.
Tweet #3 in the Thread.
Tweet #4 in the Thread.
Tweet #5 in the Thread.
Note - I got the embed codes for these Tweets from Twitter by selected the drop down menu in the upper right of the Tweet which I see in Safari at the Twitter site. I am not sure if this shows up in all Twitter clients but it works on the Twitter web site.

This gets me this menu

I then selected "Embed Tweet" and it gives me this

I then selected customization options because when posting all the Tweets I wanted just the Tweets and not the full conversation of the Tweet. First you get this menu:

I then selected "Hide Conversation"

And clicked update and then it showed me the new Embed code.  I then copied it and inserted it into this blog post.  I did this for each of the five tweets shown above.

And Voila - I have a blog post with a Twitter thread embedded in it where the thread discusses blog posts vs. Twitter threads.

Also - one can also include other Tweets about the same topic here.  So for example I can include responses too ...

Like this one.

If a thread is long, this is a real pain.  A much easier though less controllable approach is to use Wakelet or Twitter moments.  However, since Twitter seems to be abandoning moments as far as I can tell, Wakelet seems a better option

Here is the Wakelet I made --- Anyhow - there you go. A quick guide to turning a Tweet thread about blog posts and Tweet threads into a blog post.

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