Monday, November 23, 2015

Today in SPAMMY confereonce invitations

Dear Dr. Eisen,
On behalf of the Conference Chairs and Committees, it is my great pleasure to invite you to deliver an invited talk at the EMN Meeting on Membranes, which will be held in Novotel World Trade Centre Hotel, Dubai-United Arab Emirates, on April 05-08th, 2016.
Updated information about the EMN Meeting on Membranes can be found at
The main purpose of EMN Membranes Meeting is to describe and discuss the newadvancement in Membranes Technology with its well-recognized and promising applications. We hope to bring together leading scientists, researchers, scholars and engineers from academia, R&D laboratories and industry around the world to exchange, share and learn the most interesting work done recently.
The workshops emphasis on promising aspects of Membrane usage are as follows: Bio absorbable Nano fiber Membranes, Membranes for Energy Conversion such as Fuel Cell, Gas Separation, Membrane Assembly and Translocation, Osmosis and Nano filtration Membranes, Membranes for Computing, Proton Exchange Membranes, Power Generation by Pressure Retarded Osmosis, Membranes for Environmental Protection and Membranes for Process Intensification and General in this broad field.
I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to act as an invited speaker share your ideas on this topic. Your experience and comments will add an important dimension to what’s potentially a very important discussion for the field.
Please directly reply this email with your contact information, a tentative title of your invited presentation and which workshop is more appropriate for you or you can recommend other workshop for your talk if you could accept our invitation.
We are looking forward to hear from you and it will certainly be our pleasure and honor to see you in Dubai soon. Thanks!

Best Regards,
Mr. Muhammad Umar Farooq

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