Saturday, October 31, 2015

Evolution of DNA sequencing talk 2015 version

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Every year for the last few years I have given a talk on the "Evolution of DNA Sequencing" at the "Workshop in Applied Phylogenetics" at Bodega Bay Marine Lab. I just did the talk and thought I would post the slides here. I note - I also added an evolutionary tree of sequencing methods which I include here as a separate animated gif too.

I note I posted a request to Twitter the day before the talk pointing to last years slides and I got lots of helpful suggestions from people about what to add or change. I included links to Tweets in the talk and thanked those people on the slides. But I would like to thank everyone here too. Published originally on March 10, 2015.  Updated  10/20/15 with information below and republished. Finally posted the video of the talk (recorded using Camtasia) to Youtube.  It is imperfect (there are a few things I said that came out wrong .. it was late at night).  But since it may be helpful to people I am posting it.



  1. just my 2 cents- not really the focus of your talk, but i always thought that chargaff deserved more credit for his depurinated and depyrimidated degradation analyses- discovered the underrepresentation of CpGs, other stuff, e.g. Shapiro and Chargaff 1957 BBA ( (i know it's elsevier don't hurt me). substantially earlier than maxam/gilbert, crucial to the idea that sequence had meaning.

    this is great, i wish that people spent more time thinking about the origins of ideas/techniques.


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