Thursday, July 18, 2013

Storify-based notes on #SMBE13 session on evolution of microbes and their genomes

Just finally getting notes up from the SMBE 2013 meeting session on "Diversity and evolution of microbes and their genomes" that I chaired.  After some issues with Storify I managed to record a "storification" with Twitter posts from the session. It is embedded below.

The talks were as follows:
Invited Talks

  • Holly Bik, UC Davis, Microbial Metazoa and the Taxonomic Abyss 
  • Lauras Katz, Smith College, Genome Dynamics across the Eukaryotic Tree of Life 
  • Jennifer Gardy, Of Snow and Short Reads: How Microbial Genomics Is Changing Public Health, British Columbia Center for Disease Control 
  • Tanja Woyke, Insights into the Phylogeny and Coding Potential of Microbial Dark Matter DOE Joint Genome Institute 

Talks selected from submitted abstracts

  • Pedro H. Oliveira: A Comparative Genomics Approach Provides New Insights into the Distribution and Evolutionary History of Restriction Modification Systems in Bacteria, Institut Pasteur 
  • Daniel J. Wilson, Genomic Insights into Within-Host Evolution and Pathogenesis in Staphylococcus aureus, University of Oxford 
  • John P. McCutcheon, Extensive Horizontal Gene Transfer Complements Missing Symbiont Genes in Mealybugs, U. Montana, 
  • Florent Lassalle, Biased Gene Conversion Shapes the Bacterial Genome Landscape, University of Lyon

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