Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weird things coming up from automated Google Scholar searches pointing to

I noticed some really weird stuff coming up in automated Google Scholar searches.  Example - see this one below:

Scholar Alert: [ metagenomics phylogeny ]

[HTML] Asthma and the Diversity of Fungal Spores in Air

A Pringle - PLoS Pathogens, 2013
... cause and effect between spores and asthma may remain a challenge, metagenomictechnologies
will ... Metagenomics data are likely to provide a very different understanding of the potential diversity ...
(2006) Reconstructing the early evolution of fungi using a six-gene phylogeny...

[HTML] Insights inside often the progression amongst Archaea additionally eukaryotic required protein modifier metabolism exposed simply because amongst often the …

T Nunoura, Y Takaki, J Kakuta, S Nishi, J Sugahara… - Life Sciences
... ' ', gives become proposed centred on SSU rRNA gene phylogeny (10 ), unfortunately a ...type II
SSU rRNA gene set identified on the metagenomic library; AB566230. ... Archaea: sides ranging
from microbial ecology and regarding consequence metagenomics GarrettRA KlenkH-P ...

The second paper listed there takes one to a very strange site. It appears to be a pseudo-mirror of the journal site all embedded within the domain "Hea1thandFitness.Com".  Note - this domain name has the number "1" replacing the letter "l" in the domain name - I assume as a trick of sorts.  Clicking on the link takes you to a site for which I have done a screen shot below

The whole thing is weird - with the number instead of the letter and the weird formatting of the site.  Just a tiny glitch?  Well, I don't think so since in some of my other Google Scholar alerts other links to this same domain came up.  See examples below:

Scholar Alert: New articles in Phil Hugenholtz's profile

[HTML] Contrasting Life Strategies involving Viruses that's Infect Photo-certainly to positively not mention Heterotrophic Bacteria, considering that's Revealed by simply Viral …

L Deng, A Gregory, S Yilmaz, BT Poulos, P Hugenholtz…
Ocean infections are usually all-pervasive and also numerous and also play the game main
jobs relating to be the inside overseas biogeochemical menstrual cycles thru their mortality,
horizontally gene transfer, and also mind games about put in relationship metabolism. ...


Scholar Alert: [ PhylogenoMics ]

[HTML] PIECE: a collection to help your entire family take also gene rules comparing and then progression

Y Wang, FM You, GR Lazo, MC Luo, R Thilmony… - Life Sciences
... structural repair for retrogenes appearing in the organization for the Populus genome 2009 151
1943 1951 AbstractFREE Full Text Garcia-Espana Mares SunTT Desalle Intron evolution: checking
hypotheses for intron development by consuming phylogenomics for tetraspanins ...

[HTML] Integration of sequence-similarity and therefore practical union information definitely likely surmounted inbuilt factors found in orthology mapping through bacterial …

G Li, Q Ma, X Mao, Y Yin, X Zhu, Y Xu - Life Sciences
... Chen MackeyAJ VermuntJK RoosDS Assessing entire performance of orthology discovery
strategies put to practice found on eukaryotic genomes 2007 e383 CrossRef Medline ZmasekCM
EddySR RIO: analyzing proteomes by automated phylogenomics wearing resampled ...


Scholar Alert: [ microbial forensics ]

Effect of modified montmorillonites on the biodegradation and adsorption of biomarkers such as hopanes, steranes and diasteranes

UC Ugochukwu, IM Head, DAC Manning - 2013
... Several studies have demonstrated that some solid sur- faces such as clay minerals are able
to stimulate microbial ... Indigenous microbial cells of Whitley Bay sediments were iso- lated and
proliferated via several subcultures prior to use for laboratory biodegradation studies. ...

[HTML] Deconstruction created by Lignocellulose interested in Soluble Sugars by the Native and even Designer Cellulosomes

S Mora├»s, E Morag, Y Barak, D Goldman, Y Hadar…
... be in charge created by for the focusing on sense made out created by the comprehensive
forensics education a ... Previous SectionNext Section Designer cellulosome technology also has
also been recommended to your indigenous microbial enzymatic destruction created by ...

[HTML] Molecular multiplying associated with polymerases for resistor to environmental inhibitors

C Baar, M d'Abbadie, A Vaisman, ME Arana… - Life Sciences
... associated with plans in medicine and biology running ranging from analysis and diagnostics,
prognostics, forensics to molecular ... using the QiaAmp DNA miniature apparatus (Qiagen) being
for each and every manufacturer's instructions, upcoming microbial standard protocol C ...

So incredibly weird. Is there some site out there that figured out how to scam Google Scholar into linking to them? Anyone seen anything like this before?


  1. I also noticed this today.

  2. I have several of those in my alerts today. A day or two ago I had something that may be related: the alert included this text...

    Factors Influencing the Composition related by using the Intestinal Microbiota through Early Infancy J Penders, C Thijs, C Vink, FF Stelma, B Snijders… OBJECTIVE. The mission related by using this process analyze was indeed to understand the share the particular definite simple oven related by using outer has a bearing to for your intestine microbiotic arrangement through earl

    The link went to a different website,, where the text appeared normally:

    I'm guessing the mangling of words is to avoid plagiarism/copyright checkers, but not clear on the overall goal of these websites. A few weeks ago I saw alerts from a website that was just reprinting article citations. That disappeared from the alerts quickly though, I think google caught on.

  3. 2010:;view=text;rgn=main;idno=3336451.0013.305

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    greetings from Geneva. Being following your blog since #PDFtribute seems registered by Antonio Medeiros (TX)

    Googling the email address, seems like it is used to clone other sites as well. No idea what is the purpose.

  5. I sent a link to this post to someone from Google Scholar who said they would look into / take care of this

  6. Hi Jonathan,

    I noticed Google Scholar randomly including some of my own blog/notebook entries a while back so I decided to poke around. If the site looks enough like their algorithm, it might be included. I wrote to Google Scholar and I also posted this about how to match their algorithm,

    and a few days later this was fixed to avoid inclusion of my site. It seemed to require some manual filtering on their part? Their reply was a bit closed lipped to tell.


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