Friday, October 21, 2011

Wanted - papers on the origin of meiosis and diploidy

One of the students in the Intro Bio course I am teaching at UC Davis is interested in papers on the origin of meiosis and/or the origin of diploidy.  Some papers I have pulled up so far include:

Suggestions for others would be welcome.


  1. Here is another:

    On the Evolutionary Stability of Mendelian Segregation
    F. Úbeda and D. Haig (2005) Genetics 170: 1345-1357


  2. From Facebook:
    "just tell the guy to look up Cavalier-Smith and start reading..."

    "You just pretty much described the content of Arthur Pightling's thesis"

    Shehrebanoo Malik Pightling : Although we have updates in progress, with John Logsdon, you might find that Malik 08 PLoS One and Malik 07 MBE have better taxon sampling than our 05 paper...

    "Mitch Sogin's Phylogenetic meaning of the kingdom concept: an unusual ribosomal RNA from Giardia lamblia. Science 1989, 243:75-77"

    "Margulis and Sagan's "The Origins of Sex" "

  3. From Twitter:

    fmartin1954 Francis Martin
    @phylogenomics see: Conserved Meiotic Machinery in Glomus spp., a Putatively Ancient Asexual Fungal Lineage:

    coevolve willbrown
    @phylogenomics Here is another on 'Mendelian fairness'

    harryinashed Richard Harrison
    @phylogenomics for a slightly different take!

  4. Possibly contact the UC Davis biology librarian, Ruth Gustafson.

    I don't know her, but I suspect she could do some awesome database searching for your student ...


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