Friday, May 27, 2011

Updated Again: Compilation of articles, news, blogs about the "arsenic bacteria" NASA study

Lots of new stuff on the arsenic-bacteria front.  For those interested I am compiling some of the more useful links here:

News stories:
  • A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus
    • Felisa Wolfe-Simon
    • Jodi Switzer Blum
    • Thomas R. Kulp
    • Gwyneth W. Gordon
    • Shelley E. Hoeft,
    • Jennifer Pett-Ridge
    • John F. Stolz
    • Samuel M. Webb
    • Peter K. Weber
    • Paul C. W. Davies,
    • Ariel D. Anbar
    • and Ronald S. Oremland

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