Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So crappy it is awesome: Paper from Poo

Well, here is one for you microbiome fans out there.  Went to the UC Davis Vet School store on the way to work and found a display selling Paper from Poo. Not human poo of course but from animals that have a lot of fiber in their diet, like pandas, cows, horses and elephants. Some of the slogans are great such as:

"We take the 'OO' out of Poo!"

"We're number one at number two"

Here are some pics of the display:

For more on this see the PooPooPaper website.


  1. At least the elephant dung paper is pretty common -- my parents brought back some for me when they went to Thailand about five years ago.

  2. It would cause a serious rift in reality if you made toilet paper from it.

  3. It absolutely should be used as toilet paper.

    Loo paper from poo paper!


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