Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strong Letter of Support for Katehi from group of UC Davis faculty

There was a strong letter of support for UC Davis' incoming chancellor Linda Katehi published in the Davis Enterprise yesterday. Alas, the enterprise is not available free online so unless you have a subscription you may not be able to read the whole thing. The letter is written by some big shot faculty on campus:

J. Clark Lagarias, professor of cellular and molecular biology
Walter S. Leal, professor and former chair of the department of entomology
Alan Hastings, professor of environmental science and policy
James R. Carey, professor of entomology
Judith S. Stern, professor of nutrition and internal medicine
Robert Rucker, emeritus professor of nutrition
Tilahun Yilma, professor of pathology, microbiology and immunology
Gabrielle Nevitt, professor of neurobiology, physiology and behavior
Chris Calvert, professor of animal science
Carl Keen, professor of nutrition and internal medicine
Charles H. Langley, professor of genetics
Bruce D. Hammock, distinguished professor of entomology

And in it they say "Katehi’s selection and appointment electrified us"

I agree.

And they also discuss the overblown reports that she may have been involved in some impropriety in admission of students at U. Illinois. I have already written about this here and I agree too. Now I am not saying the news should not report on these stories but I do wish the reports were clearer about how little evidence there is that she did anything untoward. In contrast, there is abundant evidence that she has enormous potential to help out UC Davis in trying times. So I too would like to welcome Katehi as they do.

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