Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Free" large scale sequencing for Department of Energy related projects ...

Interested in Department of Energy-related missions such as global carbon cycling, alternative energy production, and biogeochemistry? And want some genomes, metagenomes, or other things sequenced that are relevant to these topic areas? All you have to do is write a proposal to the Joint Genome Institute (JGI) Community Sequencing Program, get it selected by the review committee, and then the JGI will do the sequencing and some analysis for you.

Go to this web site to learn more ....JGI - CSP Overview.


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    The Tetrahymena thermophila micronuclear genome is currently being sequenced (to 3X coverage) under this program. The first sequences were just deposited in the trace archive at NCBI!

  2. maybe someone should put in another ciliate proposal?


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