Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anyone else having gmail spam filtering issues?

Over the last week I have had a sudden increase in missing email messages, both from me and to me. Only by luck did I figure out that at least the missing incoming messages are being placed into the spam folder by gmail, which I run all my messages through since in the past their spam filter has been phenomenal.

The incoming messages included diverse messages - some with the word "FWD" in the subject line but some appearing as normal as can be.

Anyone else out there experiencing a sudden increase in missing email?


  1. Ironically, a submission to one of my Google groups waiting approval was in my Gmail spam folder.

    Otherwise I didn't miss anything in the past week.

  2. Yes! In my spam folder: two emails from friends (they were replies to emails I'd sent them,) one that was sent to the all@jgi address, one that came from the Micro Grad Group office, all of my email alerts that comments had been posted on my blog.

  3. ... all within the last month or so.

  4. yes, happened a LOT in last month or so - all thru my gmail account.h


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