Tuesday, November 14, 2006

UC Davis Research Blog

Well, U. C. Davis (where I work) shows that it is both hip and dedicated to Science research with a new "Research Blog" put out by its University Communications office. It is called Egghead and its goal is:
Egghead is a blog about research by, with or related to UC Davis. Comments on posts are welcome, as are tips and suggestions for posts. General feedback may be sent to Andy Fell. This blog is created and maintained by UC Davis University Communications, and mostly edited by Andy Fell.
I am not sure how many other Universities have an officially sanctioned blog from the press office, but I could not find any.

My favorite post at Egghead so far is the one about a website called Adopt a Microbe. There is
absolutely no Davis connection to this site yet the wrote a tiny blurb about it anyway. I hope they continue to do things like this - it can get tedious if the blog is all about promoting Davis research only. It will certainly get read more if there is a diversity of stuff there.

It is good to see that Biology is the top subject there ... not that there is anything wrong with other fields but one of the reasons I wanted to move to U. C. Davis was because of the amazing diversity of biology-related research going on on campus.

Now if they could only get a weekly podcast going ...

If anyone out there knows of other Universities with interesting Blogs from the press office, let me know.


  1. cool :) I think it is the first blog from a university or research institute I have heard of. I have been thinking for some time that blogging should be regular function of the press office but I don't think here at EMBL they would be up for this.
    Unrelated - I might pass by Davis early next year when I go for postdoc interviews. May I bother you to see if you are around ? :)

  2. Wait you mean This Week in Science isn't the official Davis podcast?

  3. Pedro

    I would be happy to try and meet with you but the timing may ba a little bad - my wife is due in late January with offspring #2. When do you mean by "early next year"?

  4. Jason

    I was not aware of TWIS until your comment. Shows you I do not know the Davis circle of life so well yet, but I will check it out

  5. Congratulations :). It will be around February, I think, so you will be probably very busy. There will be other times. All the best.


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