Friday, October 03, 2014

Me: Will survey results be published openly. Them: yes. Me: OK - will do survey. #opensurveys

Got this email:
Dear Jonathan, 
Your peers at the University of California, Riverside, Stanford University, and the Coachella Valley Association of Governments are seeking participation in a survey designed to explore the relevancy and perceptions of basic natural history knowledge and skills among professionals and graduate students in environmental science-related fields.
Professionals and Faculty (including post-doctoral researchers) may access the survey through the following link: 
If you cannot complete the entire survey all at once, you can return to the survey within 30 days to complete it at your convenience. 
This survey will be distributed at universities, organizations and agencies state-wide, and we would greatly appreciate your participation! All responses will be kept completely confidential. The information collected will be used to provide summary statistics and form the basis of a peer-reviewed publication. 
Please feel free to forward this survey link to peers within California that may be interested in participating. Thank you for your assistance! 
Should you have questions about this study please contact us:
Michelle Murphy-Mariscal, M.S. (Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside)Cameron W. Barrows, Ph.D. (Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside)Rebecca Hernandez, Ph.D. (Stanford University, Carnegie Institution for Science)Kathleen Fleming, M.S. (Coachella Valley Association of Governments)
I wrote back
Thanks for the invite.

Can you tell me more about what will happen to the results from the survey? I only participate in surveys if the data and publications from the survey will be released in an open access manner.
Jonathan Eisen

And then got a very pleasing response:
Hi Jonathan, 
Yes, the results and data of the survey will definitely be published. Attached is a previous, survey-based study and we published the data set in Dryad (an online data repository that you are probably familiar with). The survey that my group and I are doing currently will follow the same format and strict adherence to open access. 
Thank you very much for your participation. 
And then I did the survey and sent this email:. 
Thanks so much for the response and I so pleased with your commitment to openness. I will now gladly participate and share w/ California colleagues.

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