Tuesday, September 09, 2014

International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology - where men tell us about deep things

Just saw this Tweet:
This refers to this meeting: Call for Abstracts for 2014 Ninth International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology, Pacific Grove California

The plenary speakers for this meeting are all men
  • Peter Girguis
  • Terry Hazen
  • Rainer Meckenstock
  • Lars Nielsen
  • Aaron Packman
  • Karsten Pedersen
  • Timothy Scheibe
  • Jack Schijven
The last meeting was in 2011 and it was not much better - with one female keynote speaker.
  • Andreas Kappler
  • Karsten Pedersen
  • Christian Griebler
  • Ian Head
  • Frank Löffler
  • Babara Sherwood-Lollar
  • Bo Barker Jørgensen
  • Ken Takai
  • Kai-Uwe Hinrichs
  • Tori Hoehler
Apparently, only men can talk about deep things.  Fun times.

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