Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bat tour at Yolo Basin Wetlands

Did our second evening bat tour at the local Yolo Basin Wetlands last night.  It was very nice.  They start off with a lecture and bat introduction at the Visitor Center and then a convoy heading out to the wetlands and drove way way into the back (the side near Sacramento) to just next to the causeway.  Then we waited until sunset and out came the bats.  Thousands and thousands of them.  It was cool.  Here are some videos and pics.  And also some responses to my Tweets about it.


  1. Bats. So cute. So full of viruses transmissible to humans...

  2. Yes, it is true that an infected bat can possibly spread certain diseases to humans and pets. However, healthy bats are beneficial since several species feast on insects such as mosquitoes that spread diseases more frequently.


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