Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top alternatives to quilt plots and heat maps

Quilt Plot from PLOS One

If you have missed the uproar over Quilt Plots and whether or not they are Heat Maps, well, you have then missed the uproar over Quilt Plots and whether or not they are Heat Maps.  It has been uproarious.  But you may not know that the literature pre-anticipated this uproar and many already developed alternatives, even if they did not know it.  And here are the top ones.

Guilt plots

In "Prediction of gene function by genome-scale expression analysis: prostate cancer-associated genes" by Walker et al. they report the development of a method "we call Guilt-by-Association (GBA)."  Unfortunately, and amazingly, there are NO FIGURES IN THE PAPER.  Fortunately, lots of other people have done similar GBA methods.  A figure from one such study is below

A Guilt Plot

Alas even though some people now call these Eisengrams, they certainly should have been called Guilt Plots.  And that is what I am renaming them.

Beet maps

Not much to say other than this is simply visionary:

Beet Map

Wheat maps

Jorge Dubcovsky at UC Davis just won the Wolf Prize.  What did he win it for.  Wheat Maps of course.  Like this one from a Genetics paper in 1996.

Seat maps

If only someone had thought to make maps of seating arrangements in different facilities, like stadiums, or planes, they could have been famous.  Oh well.

Meat maps

I love meat maps.  They are just awesome.  And here are a few good ones.  And each should be trademarked in some way

Meat Map from Grist

An App of Course

The Meat Map of the World

Feet maps

OK.  I don't really know what reflexology is but the "feet maps" here are cool to look at.

Tilt plots

See this one.

Tilt Plot

Wilt Plots

Many different kinds here.  This one is nice

A Wilt Plot

Of course there are so many more maps and plots that are on par with quilt plots that I could go on like forever.  I may post more - stay tuned.  This is just exciting stuff.

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