Thursday, February 07, 2013

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation hiring fellow for Marine Microbiology program #bioinformatics

Interesting Job Opportunity: Program Fellow, Marine Microbiology Initiative - Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

See key details of the ad below:

The Bioinformatics Fellow position will be a 1-2 year term. 

The Program Fellow will: 
  • Contribute to developing strategy and implementation plans for the bioinformatics portfolio within the Marine Microbiology Initiative.  The fellow will prepare needs assessment for cyberinfrastruture to support research and discovery by marine microbial ecologists.  The fellow will also coordinate bioinformatics-related activities within MMI. (60% time effort)  
  • Help convene, facilitate and participate in meetings about cyberinfrastructure related to the MMI community to gather and disseminate knowledge, and produce meeting reports or white papers. (30% effort)  
  • Collaborate with MMI Program Officers on grants management related to bioinformatics and data management. (10% effort)  

Key Responsibilities  

The Program Fellow will: 
  • Help develop a strategy and the implementation plans for cyberinfrastructures related to MMI activities. 
  • Communicate with the research community, other funders, commercial vendors, and others to prepare a needs analysis for cyberinfrastructure that includes a description of ongoing or past activities and existing infrastructure. 
  • Convene meetings and workshops in cooperation with grantees and other funders as necessary. 
  • Maintain solid knowledge of the field and key emerging trends.  
  • Contribute effectively on a variety of Program- and Foundation-wide issues beyond the Initiative as required. 

Experience and Education  

The candidate will have: 
  • A Doctorate degree in environmental microbiology, bioinformatics, biology or other relevant field.   
  • Demonstrated knowledge and/or experience with computing environments and sequencing technologies.   
  • Demonstrated experience with using bioinformatics tools.   

Competencies and Attributes  

The ideal candidate also will have:  
  • Good communications skills including demonstrated writing skills.  
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the bioinformatics community and/or existing cyberinfrastructure that supports environmental science.    
  • A desire to promote and work on a complex partnership and multi-stakeholder project to achieve tangible outcomes.  
  • Ability to synthesize diverse points of view to develop solutions. 
  • Demonstrated strong teamwork and interpersonal skills, with ability to develop productive relationships with colleagues, grantees, and stakeholders. Collegial and energetic working style.   
  • Demonstrated comfort with and experience in public speaking and meeting organization/facilitation.    
  • Demonstrated ability and openness to quickly adapt and adjust strategy and approach to changing conditions. 
  • Personal motivation to support the Foundation mission and goals.   
  • Ability and interest in traveling to grantee meetings, site visits, and national/international conferences.   

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