Monday, May 16, 2011

Symposium in Honor of the great Juergen Wiegel: Extremophiles: Key to Bioenergy? UGA 9/19-20

Well, this symposium announcement gets an extra few lines here from me so not just going to twitter:
Extremophiles Symposium. This symposium is in honor of my friend and colleague Juergen Wiegel, a professor at University of Georgia. He is one of my favorite people in all of microbiology: serious about his science, fun to be around, interested in a wide diversity of topics, and all around good guy. He has written some really fascinating and excellent papers including these relatively recent ones

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  1. Last night I had the honor of presenting the inaugural Juergen Wiegel award to one of our grad students at UGA, with Juergen present. In preparation, I had done a Google Image search using his name, and by happenstance found this page. I quoted you, because everything you say is so true, and it isn't just coming from the guy who has to say nice things because he's presenting the award. I think Juergen was surprised and touched. Thanks.

    Eric Stabb


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