Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Benefits of Open Access: enabling musical interpretations of human genomics ...

Not this is one of the most creative uses of open access science publications I have seen in a while. The video is from a paper by Dan Falush and colleagues that was in PLoS Genetics. Listen/see how the music changes with the genetics/migration of humans.

So I guess given some of my recent posts, we must ask what should we call this? Musicomics (which has a following but most of the use of the term seems to refer to music and comics together, although I did find one site with a reference that is about genomics) or genomusic (most of which seems to refer to people named Geno making music). Maybe, maybe, we just should say it is "nameless" but nice.

Anyway --- a nice use of open access --- the material from the PLoS Genetics paper is under a broad Creative Commons license and thus this type of use is allowed (and the source is attributed in the YouTube notes). Not sure about the exact details of the origins of the music for the video, but Dan Falush has hinted to me that it was some spontaneous contribution by a band in LA.

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  1. Timely - I'm teaching my freshman biology classes about human migrations this week - I'll show them this!


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