Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fair Use and Open Access

Really interesting blog, with a collection of other information is available from Coturnix at Science Blogs. Basically the discussion revolves around the use of figures from non Open Access publications. She writes:
My esteemed colleague here at scienceblogs, Shelley Batts of the Retrospectacle blog, did what we all do all the time - what is one of the primary role of science blogs: compared what a scientific paper says to what the press releases and media say about the paper. It was a paper widely reported by the press about the potential health effects of drinks like daikiri. Shelley wrote in her post that the paper is fine, but that the media coverage is faulty (what's new?). In order to demonstrate what the paper really says, she, as we often do, reprinted a table and one panel of a figure from the paper in her post.

The blog has lots of links to other blogs about this issue. My favorite line:

The old model will crumble and the dinosaurs can choose to adapt or go extinct.

My sentiments exactly. You go get 'em.

PS Thanks to Karl Mogel at the Innoculated Mind for pointing this out.

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