Monday, March 12, 2007

Venter Global Ocean Voyage Press Conference

For those interested in metagenomics, microbial diversity and ocean microbiology, there will be a press conference tomorrow run by the Venter Institute relating to a series of papers (I am an author on some) coming out in PLoS Biology. The papers relate to Venter's Global Ocean Voyage - sailing around the world collecting microbial samples. These were then used for environmental shotgun sequencing and the papers discuss various aspects of analzying the data.

Say what you want about metagenomics, and Craig and genomics, if you are a critic. But (1) read the papers, (2) give Venter some credit for publishing in an Open Access journals unlike many of the so called "public" genome effort folks who generally only pretend to support public/open access to anything.

Here is a link to view the live web cast of the PloS Biology GOS Expedition publication press conference. The press conference will be held tomorrow March 13 from 10-11 a.m. EST. After tomorrow an archive of the web cast will be hosted on the JCVI web site.

The papers are now live on the PLoS Biology Web Site.

The Global Ocean Sampling Collection can be found here.

My essay on Environmental Shotgun Sequencing can be found here.

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