I'd like some open science please

Check out some of the videos from last year's Open Science Summit. I like the first one below, especially since I am wearing my SciFoo shirt. I wore it because many of the people had to leave the Open Science meeting early to go to SciFoo and I was not invited ... do you hear that SciFoo organizers?

Hat tip to Khadijah M. Britton


  1. Jonathan,
    Did you know that Jason Bobe is speaking at PLoS SF #scibar Wed, August 24th at 5:30pm? Hope you can make it!

  2. Sorry, it's more properly #scibarspace, http://plosscibarspace2.eventbrite.com/, a new series of science chats hosted by PLoS SF. The first one was with Michael Nielsen, http://michaelnielsen.org/blog/.

  3. Just got around to looking at these videos now. Amazing what some video editing skills can do!